WHEN: In You’re in Month Four And It’s Still Rocking!

I know you’re thinking I can’t count or don’t know the order of my months, but no. I mean, yes, I do… but that’s not what I mean. It’s my fourth month in my new role and it’s still rocking!

This Saturday I will be attending the Girlboss Rally (for free, sshhh!) thanks to my job that I’ve been at for four months and at the same time calling that day work. And I’ve been pumped up about the Girlboss Rally for as long as I’ve known about their event. Which has been for months now.

I’ve implemented my second successful additional mini program inside my program at work. Running successful programs on top of that.

And let’s not forget… my book is for sale on Amazon!!!

The Single Woman’s Guide to Side Hustling

The only other month that outdid June… was February. It’s my birthday month. And it’s when I accepted the offer the new job. And started the new job. And went to New York. It was a very good month.

But so is June.

New York, New York…

🎶 Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today/ I got to be a part of it/New York, New York…🎶

But just for a couple of days. Today is day two of my new job and they have flown me out for their retreat in New York. Holla, holla. By the time you have read this, I’ve been in the air for about two hours going on three. This my first time to New York. I’m way excited and way nervous at the same time. Nervous about the weather more than anything else because I’ve spent the past few days looking for winter coats. But we don’t have that sh*t in L.A. At least, not east coast winter coats, so this will be a very new experience in that sense.

But other than that, I am just jazzed about getting to travel for work so soon. Getting to travel to a place I’ve never been before and have wanted to go, so that’s marvelous altogether. But when I return, I’m excited that my new work will be extremely aligned with my personal values and I’ll be making more money doing something I actually care about.

Is it all about the money for me? Yes and no. That’s the best honest way I can answer that. Yes, because a hustlin’ girl has got to eat… and pay rent… and commute… and pay the T-Mobile bill… and pay down her student loan debt. Y’know, just “life” things. And at the same time, no, because I don’t want money to be my motivating factor to do and try and have new things even though money gives you power to change your life for the better.

You’ll still see me hustlin’, trust and believe.

Happy Friday: A Change is Going to Come

It’s been a very trying week. I was gonna to say it’s been a pretty decent week, but nah! The LAUSD strike directly affected my work and having teachers and students out was a gripping reality to the company I plan on departing shortly. In addition to that, my boss had made some changes within my department that everyone seems to be griping about. But, to me it’s just more of the same. One of the recruiters in the office asked me yesterday how long I’ve been with the company and I nearly choked when I had to say 4 and 1/2 years. Really. I was not proud or happy to share that information. I was embarrassed, but she had no idea how much I hate my job and how long I’ve been looking for something else.

But with all that being said, I do feel a change in the winds, something on the horizon. A new better-paying better-environment job? Well, I am well overdue for one those. But, I feel like there’s a positive life change headed my way and I am standing arms wide waiting to accept it.

Yes, I hope it’s a new job. I also hope it’s an increase in business and more opportunities coming my way. But whatever it is, I feel like a change needs to come. How ’bout you?