Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Cat Jobs

I’m not a cat person.  Maybe in the least, but not really.  But I know too many people we are.  I have this thing about having any sort of pet who doesn’t really need me that has an attitude living in my house — I don’t know, maybe I’ve seen one too many comedy parodies.  All I know is that I could never be a cat “cuddler”.

Yes, that’s a thing.

And Penny Hoarder, a great website I follow, shared an article about how people can be a professional cat cuddler.  Skills necessary?  Well, you must like cats.  Duh.  Be gentle with cats.  Being bilingual is a plus.  Now, be forewarned, this position is based in Dublin, Ireland, but I’ve heard from cat-loving coworkers that there are “cat” jobs right here in the US, here in Los Angeles even, for people who have the extra time and warmth to care for cats.

So if you work from home and want a little bit of furry company or wanna get out there and be the best damn cat sitter, cuddler, lover or whatever it is people are doing with cats these days — go for it.  It’s a paid thing.


Cat Jobs