Happy Forward Friday!

Moving forward in a time of uncertainty

Good Morning. You’re awake. Awake looks good on you. So does thinking, planning, prepping, strategizing and outlining.

I say that to say this is not the time to sleep in and pick up bad habits. We ain’t got time for that. Recovery will come and when we’re on the other side of this pandemic and our feet hit what was solid ground, we want to be in running condition. Or jogging condition. Or speed walking condition. Whatever the condition we choose, we want to be moving forward. After all, it doesn’t feel like it now, but we’re moving through this pandemic, so we gotta be prepared for the other side of it.

If I could share some ideas to help you come out on the other side ready to really take back this year and make it yours, it’d be:

  • Journal – but not that “dear diary” crap. Journal for thoughts. For ideas. For things that make you curious. Add questions to those statements. Add possible web addresses to start finding the answers. And revisit your entries. Highlight, circle, underline. Make your thoughts important.
  • Exercise – or walk around the block. Some kind of movement. I do what I call “the stairs”. I go up and down the stairs in my apartment building a few times till I break a sweat. Then I follow that with squats. Why? It sets the energentic tone for my day and makes it hard for me to want to nap. And I like napping.
  • Take a free online class – there’s literally no excuse not to. You have the time. I know you. Everyone you know knows you do. And Udemy is offering free classes online in almost anything. Just open up a free account with them and get started.

For my hustlers who are fortunate to still be working, take these actions. Use and spend your time wisely. Now that we have what we always complained about what we lacked, there’s no reason we should be wasting any of it.

This Week’s Goal: Write it Down

I know the science behind writing goals down. I use to do it religiously and watch myself cross things off the list, but I haven’t been in the habit of writing plans down as of lately. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t accomplish everything on my list for my goals, but I accomplished enough to make me want to keep doing it. But I’ve stopped. I haven’t done it in a while. And been mad at myself for keeping up with it.

So, my goal this week is to get back to writing my plans down and setting timelines and deadlines. So, my goal for this week is that I need to write down my plans…all my plans. Plans for cleaning my house, for tracking my work to-do items and most importantly, my future goals and ambitions of being self employed!!!

So… that’s the plan. To create and write down the plan.