Side Hustlin’ Sunday: Read

Okay, this probably isn’t what you were expecting for a side hustle, but reading offers many opportunities… to create opportunities. I would say that at least 80% of the side hustles I took on and made some kind of money from came from reading. Reading other people’s blogs. Researching and reading ideas how other people were making extra money. Reading craigslist posts and seeing what people needed. I read on a very regular basis The Penny Hoarder.

Reading — yes, is fundamental– because it can create opportunities you had not thought of before. It can stimulate your imagination and creativity and help you produce ideas to improve the quality of your life.

I also read a lot of marketing books. Marketing is still very power in business and in creating businesses.

So, read. A lot. Start off with whatever interests you. Get those juices flowing so you make your money grow!

Commitment #1 This Year: Read More

I think I read three and half books last year.  Yeah, I’m still working on the other half.  And although that’s more books than most of the people I know have read — that just means I need to find some more readin’ folks in my life — it wasn’t enough to make any changes to my overall well being, professional development or personal understanding.  Les Brown, a motivation speaker, says, if you want to become an expert in your career (and build wealth), you can do so by reading more.  How much more?  He suggest reading one book a month (21:50 min. mark).

I would love to do that.  But — I’m going to aim a little lower.  I’m going to read one book every two months.  It’ll double where I was last year and will hopefully provide me with more resources to grow the projects I’m working on.  I know, I probably should aim for one book a month, but in all seriousness, books cost money and take up space.  And I don’t like to borrow from the library because you can’t highlight or underline anything; the book isn’t yours and they rarely have what I’m looking for so I have to wait to till request it from another Branch.  Buying my books has been a better bet for me.   Plus, I like to hold onto my books and reread them later.Little Red Sales Book

So, I’m going to try to read six books this year, starting off with Jeffrey Gitomer’“Little Red Book of Selling”.  I’m not in sales, but really I am.  I think we all.  Whether we’re pounding the pavement sending out our resume or asking for a raise or pitching to a freelance client, we’re selling, if nothing else, ourselves.  What better way to learn how to better sell ourselves to read and study it?

Now I do have four new (new to me) books that I’ve carefully selected and ordered for this commitment I knew I wanted to take on this year.  So, I amped up about it.  Gitomer’s book looks like an easy read, so there’s a very good chance I will be done with it in a month’s time.

Wish me luck!




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