Happy Friday: Shake, Shake, Shake

Happy Friday everyone!

For my peeps in SoCal, did you feel the earthquake yesterday? Whoa! That was a pretty big one, right? They initially reported it as 6.6 magnitude. I was in my apartment when it hit and it felt like a rolling motion. And my apartment unit sits in the third floor, so it felt stronger higher up rather than if I was in the ground.

But I sat through it like it was nothing. Because it kind of was. I’ve lived in California all my life. It’s the small price we pay to also have had 75° weather on the 4th of July.

Listen, I’m a part time small business owner. I have side hustles. I’m used to rolling with the punches… or in the case, the earthquake. Things happen out of nowhere. And I gotta roll with them. They very same way you do. We do all.

So, let the after shocks come. We’re still going to be here. Becoming our own movers and shakers.