Want I Know Now: Saving

With all the jobs I had that paid “under the table”, I didn’t save a lick of any of it.  Not a single dime of it!  Which is weird, but in college, even as a part time employee, I had a 401K, two checking accounts with separate banks and a savings account.

I mean, I don’t know what I was thinking about than SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!  My dumb ass didn’t even bother to begin to pay back some of my student loan debt.  I just literally spent what I could when I could — which is weird-er, because so uncharacteristically like me now, or maybe, as a result of all that spending it has become unlike my character, I don’t know.  I just look back on those years and shake my head and wonder what must I have been thinking?

If I could do it again, oh, I would so be saving.  At least 50% of what I was earning, since at the time, I was living rent free with mom.  I could only imagine what my dream home fund what look like now if I was wiser back then

National Taco Day & Wine Wednesday ?!

When two loves come together.

Don’t ever let it be said that single women do not know how to cook.  That is a misnomer!  I was sent off the college making meals – not as a major, but to be able to know how to feed myself.  Being single just allows me to experiment more to my liking — and save money, too.

That’s one thing I don’t get.  Spending money on food that is nor not groceries — ingredients for meals you can make yourself — or the occasional night out.   Treating yourself to lunch or dinner out should be just that, a treat! But when you’re ordering breakfast and/or lunch every other day at the office (like one of my coworkers, Jonathan) that tells me one thing about:  you have no future!

Why?  People who are spending that often and that recklessly are not saving.  Or investing.  Or putting any of their extra monies toward professional and personal development.  How can they be?  They’re eating every available dollar!  I need big dreamers in my life, but I also need savers.  If you can manage your money, you probably can’t manage other valuable resources:  time, relationships, opportunities, etc.

Besides, who wouldn’t want come home and make these all on their own?


My version of shrimp tacos in honor of National Taco Day!   And of course, a bottle (not full, for the those quietly judging) of Cupcake’s Cabernet Sauvignon.  One of my favorite go-to reds.  Now, I don’t know if tacos and red wine go there.  And frankly, I don’t care.  I like it. I enjoy it.  That’s all that matters.  Plus, prep and cook time were like 15, maybe 18 minutes total.

  • 1 10oz bag of defrosted raw peeled shrimp
  • 1 1/2 cups of cheddar mild cheese (not traditional for street tacos, but I like cheese)
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1/4 cup diced raw onion (hey, I ain’t going out to talk to anybody); optional
  • 2 corn tortillas per taco cooked stove top (just flip the tortillas over on each side while together without burning yourself or the house down) 

*I would have loved to added avocado, but I was not in the mood to go to the store after dropping off my dry cleaning.

Serving:  4 tacos, 2 servings (and I ate both servings, no shame)