Happy Friday: Year’s End

Happy Friday, ladies.

We are more than halfway through the month of August and even though the end of the year doesn’t feel quite so upon us, it’s only about four months away. Four months till we start making new resolutions for the coming year. Four months till the holidays start ramping up and we gotta face that same question we pose to ourselves ever year: to be or not to be around our relatives.

But before those four months are here, I hope you take the time to evaluate how you want to end 2019 and what you want from 2020. Soon enough, we’ll be making that decision anyways, but it’s always good to be prepared.

In the meantime, lets enjoy the end of another week. And may the remaining weeks in the year – something like 18 weeks – be both successful and productive for you.


This Week’s Goal: Cold Call Emails – Sent

It felt like I barely got this task done. Although I am proud to say that I sent out 11, not just 10 cold emails to real estate agents, brokers and escrow officers that I can find… thus far.

And it feels good to get this off my plate. To be able to move on to the next productive and business building exercise. And that’s what these goals are for the week: business building exercises. I’m not trying to find things to do for the sake of doing something. I’m looking for opportunities to build my part time business and find the steps to propel me there.

So what’s next in my list? Hmm.

A few more emails wouldn’t hurt. And adding my business to available notary databases, say like 5?

Challenge accepted.

Busy Bee

Yes, this single hustlin’ female has been busy.  But busy is good.  Especially on the freelance front.

This past Saturday, I attended the book launch party of one of my clients who is a probate realtor.  In between deals earlier this summer — we met and began working in June — she decided to knock off one of her bucket list items and that was to write a book of her probate experiences to help those learn the pitfalls of the probate process.  Long story short, if you or anyone you know has any real estate property they plan on passing down to their kids, LIVING TRUST.   It costs between $700-$800 for a living trust, but up to $10,000  (maybe more) to go through probate.

All in all, I think her event was a success.  It was an invite only party, and she only had two guest not show.  Sold a few books, had a few guest speakers, live band, buffer style food.  It was very classy.  I was impressed.

But that was Saturday.

From the party on Saturday, I was referred to another client.   Sunday, a prospect I later learned worked for Fox Sports reached out to me.  I found out Monday — yesterday — that the Secretary of State approved my application to become a Notary Public and I will be working on solidifying that for the remainder of the month.

And this just an overview of the past three days.