Inside the Hustle: Double Duty Notary Signing

Finally made it home after seeing two notary clients back to back after work. Thank God I got off at 3pm today. One cclient liver in the The Hollywood Dells area and the other lived in the Hollywood Hills area. Both areas are very affluent and well off in terms of homes. Those people definitely do not go without. But the reception was crappy. After I left the first client in the Hollywood Dells area, I had a hard time getting an Uber to go to the next client because of the reception. And when I finally did get an Uber, somehow, it gave my driver the wrong address. Luckily, my driver was kind enough to enter the second client’s address into his Waze app. Each notary session took about 90 seconds to complete and yet, I probably spent an hour and half commuting to them and back home. Ugh!

I think going forward I’m going to decline that area for recieving clients. It’s not an ideal situation for using cell phone reception. And I need reception when calling for an Uber to travel. Now I’m home. I’m hungry. Didn’t get to go to Payless like I wanted before the stores close for good.

But, all in a days work. Right?

Working 5 to 9: When You Don’t Control a Resource

Where are all the cars?

If you’ve been keeping up with the Uber IPO news of late, you know that Uber is set to go public this Friday, May 10th. And the company is looking at a $90 billion valuation. But more importantly, that their drivers are striking today in about a dozen major cities in protest to cut wages and longer hours.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know I use Uber frequently for my notary business. It’s how I get around Los Angeles to all my clients. It’s how I’ve gotten to clients in areas I typically don’t service, but thanks to Uber, I could. But in light of the strike today, I’m down a resource that’s beyond my control.

How does that work?

The short version: I would not be available to see clients today, if requested. Couldn’t I just take the bus? Yes, I could. But depending how far I’m going, my commute to the client would be longer than the both of us would like and I may be traveling to an area that’s not all that safe.

Typically, whenever something like this happens, as someone who side hustles, it’s my job to find an alternative solution. My alternative solution could be to use Lyft. But they too are striking today. I could find another ride sharing service. I could take the bus to clients who are closer. However, just like I have no control over the Uber and Lyft strike, I have no control over the location of clients.

So they best I could is hope this strike doesn’t last longer than today and that I don’t have a super in need client.

Has anyone else been in a similar pickle with their business or side hustle?

Wine Wednesday: Ginger Ale


Not going to lie, I would really — I mean, really like a glass of Merlot right about now.  But I am getting over some kind of stomach thing, so no.  I left work early yesterday because — it was just awful.

Yesterday morning I went to work and probably shouldn’t have because I had been feeling queasy all morning.  Like, not good queasy.  And when I got to the office (I’m in at 7:30am) I had already made two trips to the bathroom by 9:00am and wasn’t feeling any better.  For better or worse, that quickly changed around 10:00am.  I mean, it was so bad I felt bad for the janitor guy, Miracle (no, that’s really his name.  He hasn’t told me how he came to be name that, but that is his legal-God-given-on-his-birth-certificate-name.  “Miracle”).  I mean, I covered that bathroom floor in ways only tile should.  I was grossed out and embarrassed all while not giving two rats’ asses.

Because I had made of mess of myself so bad, all I could do was leave.

I waited till after the last woman in the bathroom left, wiped up what I could up from the floor with some seat covers (told you it was bad), washed my hands and mouth and headed back to the office to call my boss and tell her I was going home.

But I ubered home.  Which meant I had briefly explained to the Uber driver (nice lady) and my fellow passenger why there would be a stench in the car once I got in.  At first, I thought I was the only one who had rolled a window down.  When I made it home and hopped out of this nice woman’s car, every window was down.  I wanted to feel bad about it but I was too nauseated to give too much thought to it.  Luckily, I keep a light throw blanket on my chair in the office, because the managers of the building really don’t know what “comfortable” is to humans, so it mostly feels like a naked trip to Alaska all the time no matter what the weather is like outside.  When I had gone home for the day, I grabbed the blanket with the intention of wrapping it around my lower half (it was bad) but then decided that I would to protect my driver’s seat with all of my… mess.

After several hours of sleep later, a visit from my mom, 5 crackers and almost whole 2-liter bottle of ginger ale to myself, I felt like myself.  Mostly.

So may all you wonderful wine drinkers drink up in honor of that I cannot participate this Wednesday, but next week… it’s you and me!

Wine Wed. Ginger Ale