This Week’s Goal: Less TV, More Focus

I been whining about how sluggish I’ve been feeling throughout this May. I go to work, give a 100%, then come home but somehow am too tired to give myself even 10%. Which is not what we hustlers are about. Granted, we don’t have endless energy and stamina. And we probably face burnout much more than the average person, but to come home and not even try to give something for myself. This was becoming unacceptable very quickly.

So I took a step back and examine critical actions I wasn’t taking or those I was making excuses for. Like, why am I watching so much TV? No, seriously. I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Prime. Which means, I’ll never miss a show or movie. It’ll be there as long as I’m still interested in watching it. So why was I wasting value hours on the flat screen boob tube? Procrastination? Avodiance? Laziness? D, all of the above. Or, I’m assuming as much.

So, my goal this week is to start removing distractions. First, with TV. Sorry, Netflix. How I’ve come to love to watch your new shows and movies. But I need to utilize the small amount of time I have after work to focus on my goals. And those goals are to become successfully and abundantly self employed.

Care to join me?

Working 5 to 9: Communicating

Finding time to connect with prospect clients is challenging. They have their schedule, you’re still working at your job and have your own schedule which doesn’t allow much in the way of effective communicating, but it does offer some openings. And my rule of thumb is:

Use the time you have as best as you can.

I get a 30 minute lunch break and two 10 minute breaks. Not much in the greater scheme of things, but I make it work. And I’m honest with my clients about it too when it doesn’t work.

The vast majority of my lunch breaks I spend on the phone making calls or sending emails. I don’t eat on my lunch break. I eat at my desk. I work for me on my lunch break. ‘Cause honestly, I don’t consider it a break if I’m still at the office.

On that 30 minute lunch break I’m given, I’m making plans to meet, I’m following up on texts or emails. Or I’m updating my calendar, sending out invites to remind people when and where we’re meeting.

I may not have a private lavish office to call my clients from but I find time to connect throughout the day so they know I’m on top of the project or I received their message.

For the things that require more then a 10 or 30 minute breaks, I ask them speak with me after 4:30pm. If I’m not home by then, I’m at least in route where I can talk more candidly than at my job. And my clients know I have full time job. They think it’s admirable that I would ventured out with a side hustle. “How entrepreneurial,” they say. They’re not wrong. That’s the goal here. But they understand something I haven’t spoken to them directly.

I’m willing to give up my time to do what it takes now to get to where I want to be later.

Side hustlin’ isn’t for the faint of heart although anyone can really do it. Just keep those lines of communication open and help your clients better work with you.