Get Motivated: Get Dressed

You’re not going to make magic happen while asleep.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a nice hot shower in the morning? I know, I know.   Many people need a good old cup of joe.  But others like myself, all we need is a gentle and freshening wake up.  And on days we really don’t want to leave the bed, a hot shower does the trick.

That’s becoming a bigger thing: not wanting to face our day, whether it be people, our jobs or whatever challenges life will be throwing our way that day, getting out of bed means facing all of that. And for the most part, we “adult”. We remind ourselves of bills and other responsibilities so we drag ourselves away from the comfort of our comforter and arm ourselves to play “the real world”.

But if we stayed in bed all day long, it means we’d be missing a great wealth of opportunities that no Serta or Sleep Number could give us. We’d be missing out on life. And all that it would hold in store for us.

So when you feel in a funny or stuck in a rut, like getting out of bed isn’t worth it, even on the weekends, thinking of all that you want for yourself: your dream home, the ability to travel and vacation wherever you like, starting a family, being a dog mom, visiting and seeing out of state friends more, learning to paint, writing that book — you’ll do none of that from your bed. Not at least with the attitude and lack of motivation keeps you in your bed.

So… get up. Get dressed. Take a shower. Feel refreshed. And remember, you’re working for and towards a bigger goal. And you gotta be up to get there.

This Week’s Goal: Shake Off May

I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling super lazy and sluggish in May. For no logical reason. I haven’t been hustling as hard as I should be. I haven’t been coming home and knocking things off my list and completing client projects. I’ve been acting like… I don’t care about my goals. Or, it feels like I don’t care because I haven’t put in any muscle behind what I need and want to be doing.

But in fact, this is just a cycle I go through. Something in my life is causing me more stress than I realize and rather than tackle that stressor or address it, I procrastinate with everything else I need to do. As if putting a pause on work, I’m pausing other outside troubling forces.

I don’t know. All I know is I need to do is shake off this bad May feeling off. I need to get off my ass and go into overdrive.

No excuses. No laziness. No procrastination. Just pure hustle.

Working 5 to 9: Do The Work

“Seek Help”, I know, I know. Cue in a politically incorrect joke here. But I don’t mean mental help, but help-help. Assistance. Advice. Resources. Money. That kind of help. Work first, then ask for assistance second. Meaning, do the work first, whatever is before you start asking others for help.

People who pitch to investors have some balls (or vagina) on them especially if all they have is an idea. How is it possible to get people to give you money for a idea you haven’t even created yet? I mean, I have lots of ideas. Where is the money?

In my experience, people won’t help you or offer their knowledge and resources until you show them you’ve got something worthwhile going already. There’s no, “I got an idea”. Are you kidding me? I come from a place where that’s how friendships and families get torn apart. Over someone asking for money for something they couldn’t prove they needed it for. And it was never a business related request, so I could only imagine how much more worse those fall out could have been.

But I learned that lesson from my step dad years ago. I had returned home from a college with an business idea I’d be working on with some friends and I was trying to rope him to providing some financial assistance. But he wouldn’t. He wanted me to first show him the viability of the idea and if we already had some traction.

WTF? Who is you?!

But I get it now. I understand why he thought that and was hesitant to be involved. I was asking for a handout for an idea and I hadn’t done any of the real work. I had nothing to give him for his investment other than a promise of a hypothetical ROI. How did he know if that business idea would be viable, sustain, grow or would dismantle? He didn’t. And neither did I until I started putting in the work. I ended up not even finishing that project a year or two after returning from college. My friend Nick runs everything for the time being but I am minusculely involved, to say the least.

Don’t get upset with those who don’t see your vision if you haven’t shown them the work. Would you drop everything to help someone who hadn’t begun with putting an idea to paper? Would that be the best use of your time and resources? We talk about what we want done and what it’s going to look like when everything is completed. But we also have to being willing to be the first one on the front lines and work before we receive any kind of help. We need to show others we’re here for ourselves before someone else is willing to stand with and for us.