WHEN: You Know Your Pressure Points

Working through a headache right now, not entirely sure if it was brought on my eating so late in the day or by clients who insist on monopolizeing my time. But I’m trying my best to work through the pain. Found some visual aids online how to use pressure points to alleviate the pain in my head. And speaking of pain, my biggest pressure points are time thieves.

Time thrives? These are people who have no regard for your time because they don’t care how they spend their own. I’m sure I’ve ranted about this before. Quite positive, actually. And I’ll continue to rant.

I think it’s absurd that people don’t know how to shut themselves off. Great, you have a lot to say. I can’t and don’t always want to hear I, though. Like many other people don’t want to hear it. And as talkative people, you need to learn to read body language. If someone is backing away from you while you’re talking, they’re trying to escape. If someone is clicking around on the computer while you’re talking, they’re trying to send you a message.

People, please… I beg of you. I envy social butterfly types. I do, really do. But I don’t always have the patience for you. So, please. Become intuitive. Learn when people have had enough. Don’t become a middle of the day pressure point.