Working 5 to 9: Don’t Forget About You

I am good for this. I will schedule everyone else throughout the week or month but will forget about me. Except for laundry. I always seem to manage to schedule in laundry.

But I do forget about me and what I’m working on. Like projects I have going on that are just for me and not for a client or marketing my part time business. Just some me building time. I really forget to carve out an hour and say I’m gonna to read this only or write that out or whatever it is. I forget not put other people’s tasks above my own all the time. It’s not a sacrificial act, but one of absent mindedness. Forgetting I am just as important to myself as the clients I serve; the people I see and leads I chase down. I’m need to make myself a priority.

It should be easy but I know I’m not the only one who forgets themselves. I’m sure others have done it too. Perhaps we can remind each other to remeber ourselves. Not just what we’re working towards but whom we’re working for. Ourselves! Besides, no ones going to tackle our goals for us but us. So let’s put ourselves on the to-do list.